Parent-Adolescent Relationship

Objectives of the Parent-Adolescent Relationship


  • The sense of self-worth in the relationship is high.

  • Communication is direct, specific, clear, and honest. Humor is used often.

  • Rules are clear, explicit, and well defined; yet they are also flexible, humane, and appropriate.

  • The parent-child linkage to society is open and hopeful.

  • The parent-child group has a sense of being an integrated whole, the sum of which is greater than its individual parts.

  • Parenting operates as an open system and interrelates with an extended family and the outside world while still maintaining the privacy of the nuclear bond.

  • Both are capable of high levels of intimacy. There is appropriate expression of feelings, both positive and negative.

  • Both enjoy playing together, and regularly engage in behavior that is playful, creative, or experimental.

  • The partnership has a sense of time together, and there is an emphasis on the process of coming together and a focus on significant life cycles.

  • Relationship patterns have stability, yet they are altered as life changes demand.

  • Both can deal effectively with grief, loss, or pain without the use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Each member is allowed to be an individual and different without rejection. Love and acceptance predominate.

  • Individual members feel responsible for their feelings and behavior and do not try to blame others or shift responsibility to another.