How is self-esteem built? Some of the basic building blocks of self-esteem are:

Individuality. Appreciation of the special combination of traits, talents and foibles that makes you unique is essential to good self-esteem. Without a clear sense of individuality, you become a chameleon, taking on the identity of those around you.

Integrity. Self-esteem comes in part from living according to your values. People who compromise their values in order to gain wealth, status, or power inevitably do so at the cost of their self-esteem.

Connection. We like ourselves more when we feel part of a group of people we love and admire. Their support and acceptance bolsters self-esteem when disappointment, failure or rejection pulls it down.

Personal power. Too often, power is defined as having authority over others, but it can also mean ability to make things happen and confidence in the ability to create your own destiny.

Risk-taking. People with high self-esteem have the self-confidence to take risks, despite the possibility of failure. Since their self-esteem does not depend on success or failure of any one venture, they expect to learn from risk-taking, regardless of the outcome.

Achievement. Accomplishing your goals, no matter how small, makes you a winner, bringing pride of achievement that increases self-esteem.

Self-respect. Belief in your right to be treated fairly and courteously is the cornerstone of self-esteem. Without it, you'll treat yourself badly and let others do the same.

Self-talk. An interior monologue that is encouraging, supportive, and praising builds self-esteem.  Self-criticism, discounting accomplishments, and gloomy predictions for the future tear it down.

Some people confuse self-esteem with arrogance and become self-effacing to avoid appearing conceited. On the contrary, arrogance is not a reflection of self-esteem; but, it generally indicates the opposite. Arrogant people inflate their egos by exaggerating their accomplishments while belittling the talents of others.  People with good self-esteem acknowledge others' talents and accomplishments as well as their own.... more coming soon