Questions to ask myself about my relationship with my significant other

  1. Does he/she like kids?
  2. How does he/she listen to me?
  3. Does he/she hear what I'm saying?
  4. How do I view his/her values, belief system, and morals?
  5. What is his/her relationship like with his/her parents?
  6. How did his/her parents raise him?
  7. What was his/her childhood like?
  8. Do I trust myself with him or her?
  9. Do I feel safe sharing my love with him/her?
  10. Do I feel safe sharing my anger/frustrations, joys/laughter?
  11. How does he/she express anger and how does that affect me?
  12. Can I be wrong in the relationship?
  13. Can he/she be wrong in the relationship?
  14. Can he/she say "I'm sorry" and mean it?
  15. How does he/she handle my mistakes?
  16. Can I have separate opinions and view points?
  17. Am I comfortable while we're apart?
  18. Does he/she strengthen/enhance me in my weaknesses or does he/she use my weaknesses to his/her advantage?
  19. Does he/she support my strengths or use them only to his/her advantage?
  20. Are his/her moods consistent?
  21. How does she/he react to change?
  22. Do his/her actions match his/her words?
  23. How does he/she react under pressure?
  24. Is he/she judgmental?
  25. How does he/she express love, joy and laughter?
  26. Can he/she cry?
  27. What is his/her definition of a man?
    1. What is my definition of a man?
  28. What is his/her definition of a woman?
    1. What is my definition of a woman?
  29. How do I think he/she views me?
  30. Do I fit that view?
  31. Do our goals in life, at least to some extent, match?
  32. Do we make good companions?
  33. Can we have fun together?
  34. Can we make plans, set goals, and meet them together?
  35. Are we best friends?
  36. How does he/she view my friends, and are my friends accepted?
  37. How do I view his/her friends, and can I accept them?
  38. Can we talk about these two view points?
  39. Does he/she allow me room to grow?
  40. Does our spirituality match or cause conflict?
  41. How does he/she help me grow spiritually and emotionally?
  42. Does he/she encourage me to reach for my dreams?
  43. Am I safe to express my sexual needs?
  44. Can we share our sexual fantasies?
  45. Can I say no in everyday things?
  46. Can we be sexually expressive?
  47. How do we each handle a bruised ego?
  48. How do we view physical fitness?

For Those with Children

  1. What do we want from the children?
  2. How do we view discipline?
  3. How do we meet their needs?
  4. How do we choose their activities?
  5. How do we view winning and losing in sports for them?
  6. How do we share our time with them?
  7. How do we split the responsibilities and added chores?
  8. How do we view their spiritual upbringing?
  9. Do we show and allow them to show a full range of emotion?
  10. Would I want my child to have the same kind of relationship that we have together?
  11. How does he/she view therapy and counseling?
  12. Is he/she willing to do marriage enrichment once a year?